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Feature: Communications Committee Focuses on Improving Connections with FEIAA Members
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By Jonathan Herrmann (LDS 331)

As Abe Brown, vice president of FEIAA’s Board, described in last month’s Executive Summary, at the 2019 FEIAA Retreat, the Board of Directors focused on ideas to achieve membership growth and retention. The themes of “Connections” and “Connectivity” to and for our members were emphasized throughout the event. The Communications Committee developed a set of goals to support the theme and assist the other FEIAA committees on their communication- and connection-related activities. Below is a summary of the goals established by the Committee:

  1. Update and totally refresh the FEIAA website with more current information on the workings and activities of FEIAA and its members. 
  2. Produce 10 electronic Executive Summary newsletters, including as many as 10 articles for the newsletter from the Federal Executive Institute (FEI), to inform and connect with members.
  3. Produce as many as 60 Constant Contact messages to inform and connect with members on FEIAA and FEI programs and events.
  4. Work with the Membership Committee to make a personal connection to recent graduates of FEI, emphasizing FEIAA as their Alumni Association. 
  5. Create FEIAA Twitter and Instagram accounts and more fully use LinkedIn and Facebook pages to increase social media connections with members.
  6. Increase the use of data analytics (e.g., article opens, link clicks) to enhance and track member connections to FEIAA.  
  7. Work with the Membership Committee to connect with FEI class representatives to produce articles and social media messages that can be shared with FEIAA membership on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The committee welcomes any suggestions from our members regarding the above goals as well as other ideas on communication and connection. Please send your ideas and feedback to office@feiaa.org.

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