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Peter S. Duklis
Senior Advisor

Peter S. Duklis, Jr. (Duke) is currently the Director, Office of Field Support and Operations (OFSO), Multifamily Housing, in Washington, DC. Pete Duklis is a native of Pennsburg, Pennsylvania. He received an Army ROTC Scholarship to California University, and graduated and received a Regular Army commission in 1979. He has served and lived in every geographical Combatant Command; most notably 2 US Embassies, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) and the Joint Staff. Pete Duklis has commanded from Platoon through Brigade levels and has earned advanced degrees from Columbia University, Pennsylvania State University and the U.S. Army War College. He was a Special Operations, Foreign Area, and Nuclear and Counter-proliferation Officer and has conducted combat and contingency operations in Latin America, Africa, the Balkans and Middle East. “Duke” retired from the Army after 30 years as a Colonel. He was hired by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) as Chief, Strategic Planning & Policy Integration Office in 2010 and remained until 2014.

Duke joined HUD on 28 Dec 2014 and is responsible for overseeing all of Multifamily’s Regional Centers and Field Offices, and operations/administrative affairs at the headquarters. OFSO is the face of Multifamily in the field and bridges the policies, planning and operations between headquarters and our field personnel. Pete will continue to develop, synchronize, and expand Multifamily Transformation throughout its Waves and into Multifamily for Tomorrow. He established and leads diverse programs to better coordinate and manage the daily operations, budget and human resources for the agency, as well as, strategic planning for the future.

Most recently, Pete deployed to Afghanistan as the Chief, Task Force 2010 Northern Afghanistan. He led an interagency organization, which was responsible for counter corruption and narcotics operations in Northern, Western, and Eastern Afghanistan. The deployment lasted 15 months. Pete’s mission was to provide non-kinetic actions and recommend kinetic actions on individuals and entities that are funneling US resources and/or providing assistance to International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) enemies in Afghanistan. He succeeded in increasing the average to four target nominations per week; provided vital Intel Analyst support which resulted in apprehension or neutralization of targets. Moreover, his unit prevented over $180 million from reaching the enemy.

KimOanh Nguyen-Lam
Vice President
Department of Education

I joined the Department of Education in June 2011 as the Director of Advanced Training and Research in the International and Foreign Language Education Program, Office of Postsecondary and am currently the Program Director for the Office of English Language Acquisition. My professional background includes 13 years in public schools and 18 years in higher education in CA, involved in both teaching and administration. I joined federal government in hopes of making a greater impact in public education and improving public opinion on the roles of federal government.

I graduated from the FEI Class of 382 in the Fall of 2012. I was fortunate to participate in the FEI at the time when I started to become disillusioned and cynical about the government. Meeting other people who were also struggling to reconcile their ideals and the realities renewed my faith in the system and my resolve to stay informed and connected and to build on each other’s synergy. Serving on the FEIAA board will further support me in this endeavor.


Trina Smith
Department of Veterans Affairs

Trina M. Smith completed the Federal Executive Institute Leadership for a Democratic Society in August 2015 (Class 413). Trina joined the FEIAA Board in October 2016 and currently serves on the Program and Events Committee. She has a MS in Education from the Old Dominion University. In her spare time she enjoys cardio kickboxing, volunteering at church activities and with the American Cancer Society.

Richard Scott Johnston
Retired, Department of Health and Human Services

Marc I. Flaster
Immediate Past President
Chief, Resource Management, OPM

Marc Flaster attended the Federal Executive Institute in the fall of 2006 (P323). He has been a member of FEIAA since graduating from the Leadership for a Democratic Society program. Marc is in his second year on the Board of Directors and is currently President of FEIAA. He also served as Executive Secretary in 2013 and has been a continuing member of both the Membership and Program/Events/Activities committees over the past several years. Marc has participated in the development of the Executive Forum program for the past two years.

Marc began his Federal career nearly 40 years ago as a part-time clerk for the then Civil Service Commission and has spent his entire career in the benefits area of the Office of Personnel Management, in a variety of different management and staff positions. He has spent more than half of his Federal service in management, first as a first-line supervisor, then as a deputy group chief, and finally over the past 10 years as the Chief of Resource Management for Retirement Services. In this capacity, he oversees human resources, publications, budget formulation and execution, management information, and a wide range of business services for a nearly 900-person organization. Marc has a Bachelor of Arts with distinction from the University of Virginia, and a master’s degree in administration from George Washington University. He is very active in his community’s affairs, having been elected for 11 terms as a Trustee for Burke Centre, a planned development in Fairfax County, and as President and long-time board member of his homeowner’s association. He is also currently active with his local Toastmaster’s organization.

Glenda Arrington
Board Member
Department of Defense

Dr. Glenda Arrington serves as the Inspector General for the Department of Defense. Dr. Arrington has oversight responsibilities of Inspectors General matters for media and entertainment operations worldwide. She also served as the Inspector General for the Department of Navy throughout Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Dr. Arrington is a certified Inspector General with the Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency, Department of Defense Joint Inspectors General, and Naval Inspectors General.

Janettarose L. Greene
Board Member
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Janettarose is a graduate of LDS 404 (August 2014). She is the Director of the Program Integration Office within the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Department of Transportation (DOT). Prior to joining Motor Carrier, she was a manager at the Federal Aviation Administration. Janettarose joined the FEIAA Board of Directors in January 2015, since that time her focus has been on the soliciting feedback from members to refresh the Association and updating the FEIAA store.

Colin Gwin
Board Member

Colin Gwin currently serves as an analytic manager in the Intelligence Community and has served in the IC as a federal employee for 13 years.  He earned a BA in Political Science with a minor in Irish Studies from Boston College (’02), as well as an MBA and certificate in High Technology Management from Northeastern University (’11).  He is a proud graduate of the LDS 423 class (June ‘16).

Colin grew up in Charlottesville, VA and FEI played a significant role in his upbringing.  His mother, Pam Gwin, was on the faculty for many years and served as FEI's Assistant Director of Academic Programs until her passing in December of 1998.  It was a personal and professional goal of his to attend FEI and he now looks forward to advocating for and supporting the amazing work of the instructors, staff and alumni.

Jonathan Herrmann
Board Member
Retired, Environmental Protection Agency

Jonathan Herrmann attended Leadership for a Democratic Society in August 2007 (Class 331) and has been a member of FEIAA since then. He retired from federal service in March 2013 after spending 37 years at the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. While at EPA, Jonathan worked both in Region VIII (Denver, CO) and at the Agency’s Research and Development Center located in Cincinnati, OH. As a Senior Executive, he was involve in the design and start-up of the Agency’s National Homeland Security Research Center and was the Center Director from 2006 to 2013. In retirement, Jonathan has brought his mentoring, coaching, and facilitation skills to Start-Up companies and non-profits in the Greater Cincinnati area. He is training to become a Certified Master Facilitator under the International Institute for Facilitation’s Certification Program.

In January 2015, Jonathan became a member of the FEIAA Board of Directors. He has spent his time working with the Program & Events Committee to establish the FEIAA Webinar Series. He is also leading the 2017 Executive Forum Steering Committee. The webinars provide professional, as well as topical information for all FEIAA members. The desire of the Board is to extend members’ experience beyond four weeks of on-site training. The emphasis of the series in FY 2017 is Leadership: Being a Positive Force for Change, which is the theme of FEIAA’s May 2017 Executive Forum. The Program & Events Committee’s goal is to routinely engage more members of the Alumni Association in the DC area, as well as across the United States. Jonathan is a member several professional engineering organizations. He is also a member of the Senior Executives Association.

Amy Johnson
Board Member
Architect of the Capitol

Amy Johnson has worked in both the Executive and Legislative Branches of government in budgeting, contracting, human resources and information systems. She currently serves as the Chief Administrative Officer at the Architect of the Capitol. She is retired military and is a graduate of Georgetown and American Universities and is a 2015 graduate of FEI.

Dr. James E. Laws, Jr.
Board Member
Department of Education

I have over 30 years of experience as a public servant at the local, state, and federal levels. The early years of my career were in Richmond, Virginia where I worked in State government at the Virginia Department of Education and served as a member of the Richmond School Board. I also served as an adjunct instructor at Virginia Commonwealth University and Mary Washington University. Since relocating to Washington, DC, I have been a leader at the U.S. Department of Education, managing grant programs totaling approximately $1 billion. My Bachelors Degree in Sociology and Masters Degree in Public Administration are from Virginia Commonwealth University, and my Doctorate in Higher Education Administration is from the College of William and Mary. I am an August 2012 graduate of the Federal Executive Institute where I was selected to give the graduation speech.


Deb Schweikert
Board Member
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

As an executive with more than 20 years of experience in the federal government, she’s worked for the U.S. Department of Education (ED) prior to joining FDIC in 2011 as Assistant Inspector General for Management. She spent a total of 19 years with ED, working as Deputy Director of The Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance, Policy Director for the Direct Loan Task Force, Strategy Director for the Chief Information Office, before moving to the OIG in 2003. There, she served as Director of Evaluation and Inspection before being promoted to the Executive Officer position in 2006.

Prior to joining the federal workforce, she worked as Director of Financial Aid Counseling for The Ohio State University, Director of Program Reviews for USA Funds (a national student loan guarantor), Director of Loan Origination for SallieMae (the country’s largest student loan secondary market), and Deputy Director of the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance.

When she’s not managing her 12-person division that handles all things IT, budget, contracting, HR, training or records management related, you can find her speaking to numerous government employee groups on the value of mentoring (especially for women), as well as succession planning in the federal government.

In addition to serving on the FEIAA Board, she is a board member for the D.C. Chapter of The Association for Inspectors General, as well as an alumni mentor for Ohio Wesleyan University.

She holds a B.A. degree from Ohio Wesleyan University in humanities/classics and psychology, and an M.A. degree from the Ohio State University in counseling psychology.


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