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2019 Executive Forum

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May 21, 2019
2019 Executive Forum - “The 2020 Executive Leader: Innovate, Integrate, and Motivate with Purpose and Integrity”
George Washington University
Washington, DC

As we enter the next decade, our government leaders face new challenges and opportunities. These 2020 Federal Executives must be prepared to adapt to changes in demographics and technology. They must competently address the increasingly diverse population we serve, as well as effectively manage the multi-generational workforce we lead. Successful future leaders are those who can capitalize on these differences to integrate different ideas and approaches in order to innovate and inspire excellence. In addition, Federal Executives should also be equipped to take advantage of new and emergent technology and knowledge in order to support and motivate people to achieve common goals. Most importantly, executive federal leaders must be able to uphold high ethical and moral standards under all circumstances.

Our 2019 Executive Forum focuses on the knowledge and skills you need to become that leader of this new era, empowered to turn challenges into opportunities for a stronger, more resilient democratic society.

Register Now:  www.feiaa.org

  ***Group Registration is not available online, please call 703-725-2863 or email your registration form to office@feiaa.org to register.


Executive Leadership: Creating Moments of Meaning
Presenter: Katherine Darke Schmitt & Jon Gatti
This course is being presented as a webinar. 


 Dan and Chip Heath’s 2017 book, The Power of Moments, highlights the importance of leading with intention to help staff create and appreciate meaning in their work. The Moments precept also ties well to the framework of the SES ECQs and Core Competencies. This webinar explores the connection between the two, and will foster discussion with participants about how to engage your staff in meaningful ways and provide practical examples of how to strengthen and “flex” critical competencies such as CREATIVITY, INNOVATION, FLEXIBILITY, and more. Please join us for this engaging and interactive conversation on April 25.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, April 25, 2019 

Registration is open to FEIAA members and guests. Register online at www.feiaa.org
June 20, 2019
Can we all just get along? Working in a toxic environment
Presenter: Dr. Amicitia (Cita) Maloon-Gibson
This course is being presented as a webinar. 


 The goal of this webinar is to focus on transforming people and relationships.  It is designed to clarify cultural differences and address diversity challenges -- Embracing conflict resolution as a means for institutional growth and team productivity.  Webinar objectives are:

  • Identifying Strategies to resolve conflict in a toxic environment 
  • Addressing what can you do when the leader is the elephant in the room
  • Resolving the situation when a co-worker is a challenge to TEAM productivity 
  • Determining what to do when you don’t have clarity in a disruptive workplace

Take away: Free eBook on Team Building


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