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FEI 50th Anniversary Webinars
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FEI 50th Anniversary Webinars

FEI is hosting a series of webinars leading up to the 50th Anniversary Celebration. Below is a list of the webinars being offered. To register for the webinars, visit CLD Central or call 434-980-6200.

Executive Endurance: Going for the Gold
Date: 12:00-1:00 pm, EDT, Thursday, July 26th
Synopsis: Building and maintaining personal endurance is critically important to success in today’s dynamic work and life environments. Given the intensity and importance of government work, it is easy for Federal employees to fall into the Hyper-Vigilance Syndrome and suffer from its ill effects. To counter this threat, this webinar will introduce participants to the basic tenets of executive endurance and increase their awareness of the Hyper-Vigilance Syndrome. In addition, it will suggest methods for obtaining and maintaining endurance for a long and healthy life.
Presenters: Karen Kimmel, Ph.D.

Uncovering Your Resistance to Change
Date: 1:00-2:00 pm, EDT, Friday, August 17th
Everyone has an area in which they desire to improve. However, they routinely face resistance to the change -- despite its obvious benefits and their best intentions. Stuck between “a rock and a hard place,” between their goal and their behavior, they often grow frustrated and opt not to change. This webinar will aid you to uncover the mindset preventing progress toward your goal. Using a mental mapping tool, this workshop will enable you to identity the behaviors impeding you and implement effective strategy to alter them.
Presenter: Marilyn Bugenhagen, Ph.D.

Fostering Creativity in Teams
Date: 1:00-2:00 pm, EDT, Thursday, September 27th
Synopsis: This webinar will reveal the three elements all teams need to be creative together and how leaders can help their teams get there. The participants will learn to capture the individual and collective creativity inherent in teams though the skillful management of purpose, process, and team dynamics.
Presenter: Amy Climer, Ph.D.

To Serve With Honor: Principled Public Service
Date: 12:00-1:00 pm, EDT, Wednesday, October 24th
Synopsis: This webinar will address how public servants can tell the truth and encourage those who work for them to do the same even (and especially) when the truth is hard to hear, but fidelity to the Constitution requires it. Drawing lessons from historic case studies as well as recent research, the presenter will provide practical tips for exhibiting moral courage in telling the truth - in ways that won’t jeopardize one’s career.
Presenter: Terry Newell, Ph.D.
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