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Flexible and Focused: How to Manage an Effective Virtual Office
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Flexible and Focused: How to Manage an Effective Virtual Office
By Abe Brown, FEIAA Vice President (LDS 449)


The term virtual office can be broadly defined as a geographically disbursed organization of employees who function together by using a variety of communication and collaboration technologies. Such “geographic dispersion” does not require real distance; a virtual office can consist of local employees who simply do not regularly convene in a single office location. 





Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development
Part 1: Why It Matters

This is the first in a series of articles on Emotional Intelligence and Leadership to support more executive leaders having a better understanding of how emotions affects decision makings and that leadership development cannot be completed without emotional intelligence development. 




FEIAA Update:
Maintaining Financial Fitness as We Grow
Active Membership! Financial Fitness! Answering the Call! Every successful organization depends on a strong and active membership that supports its goals and the effective management of its financial resources.





FEIAA Update: 
Give Us a Follow: FEIAA on Social Media
We all learned at the Federal Executive Institute (FEI) that change, although disruptive, is a good thing. It was mentioned in a previous Executive Summary that change is coming to FEIAA.




Fed Corner:
Attracting the Right Candidate for Your Organization
You have an open position on your team, and you are looking for the “perfect” candidate with skills X, Y, and Z. But after reviewing the 100th résumé, you begin to get nervous that, although the candidates presented have the right skill set… 




Wellness Article:
Avoiding Risky Drinking 
In many cultures, drinking alcohol is a regular part of socializing and celebrating; however, alcohol can be a powerful drug, and overconsumption can put your safety and health—even your life—at risk.




FEI Happenings:
Upcoming SES Leading Edge Programs
Looking for an engaging, governmentwide, executive development opportunity with senior executive colleagues before the end of 2019? Register now for any of these SES Leading EDGE programs…




FEIAA Upcoming Events:
FEIAA Service Event – Giving Back through the Meal Pack Challenge
Life doesn’t always go as planned—especially for the more than 10 million people over 50 who are living in poverty. Join FEIAA as we pack 1 million meals for hungry seniors during our 2019 Celebration of Service! 






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